Our first practice together.

We showed a little about how rosters can help us see what others are writing. I suspect we will need to say more to explain why the more experienced wiki students start with rosters.

Marc asked for help with maps in wiki. Here I'll write what I remember of Ward's guidance.

Start a map with coordinates that are close to where you want to begin. For my example I will just ask Google for Boulder's latitude and longitude: search?q=boulder+co+lat+long

Google replies 40.0150° N, 105.2705° W

Add a map using those coordinates with different punctuation: 40.0150 -105.2705

40.0150 -105.2705

We can label the map, and label pins. We can add other pins to the map with shift-double-click.

Although we did not cover this in the practice session, we can also mark boundaries for the map. See About Map Keywords.

Here I have placed pins at the downtown courthouse, at central park, and at Old Main on campus, any of which are closer to where locals would think of the center of town.

Boulder, Colorado 40.0150 -105.2705 According to Google 40.0187921, -105.2782273 Courthouse 40.0153625, -105.2783346 Central Park 40.0092110, -105.2733457 Old Main BOUNDARY 40.0250797, -105.2926254 BOUNDARY 40.0075286, -105.2605247

I didn't like the flag I got when I claimed my site. I used the flagmatic plugin to choose a different one. About Flagmatic Plugin