About Map Keywords

Various keywords can be mixed with markers and captions. Keywords are all caps and begin in column one.

Say __LINEUP__ to read markers from the lineup.

Say __PAGE__ to read markers from the page.

Say __BOUNDARY__ to bound the markers found so far.

Say __BOUNDARY hint__ to add hint to map bounds.

Say __WEBLINK url__ to link to external maps.

Say __OVERLAY url sw ne__ to superimpose an image.

Say __SEARCH__ to add a search tool to find a place using Open Street Map name and address data. Will add a marker to the map.

Say __LOCATE__ add a geolocate tool. This will show probably location, but not add a marker to the map.

If LINEUP or PAGE is omitted, only markers from this map will be used. If BOUNDARY is omitted all of the markers will be used to position and zoom the map.

An optional hint resembles a marker but will expand the BOUNDARY without adding markers to the map. Use multiple BOUNDARY keywords for multiple hints.

Markers will open WEBLINK urls on double-click. The url will substitute the marker's decimal coordinates in place of __{LAT}__ and __{LON}__.

Overlay images are specialized maps aligned on the southwest and northeast corners. Separate each parameter with a single space. The decimal lat and lon of each corner is separated with a comma, but no space.