About Video Plugin

The Video Plugin embeds a video player on a wiki page. The video itself must be uploaded to a supported video site and the key from that service used to configure the plugin. Drag and drop makes this easy in some cases.

See GitHub for plugin source.

YOUTUBE CI7T2iuGjjc Merritt Raitt's race to work is narrated by Tour de France TV commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin.


You can drag and drop a video to a factory and have it turn into an embedded video. Drag the location item (not the tab) for either player. Or drag the video thumbnails from the google search result pages.

Double-click to edit the caption. The caption retains a little bit of wiki's click and drag behavior while the embedded video player 'owns' the rest of the item.


The plugin's text contains the caption and commands specifying player details especially the identification key used to select the video to be played. This can be edited manually. Find the key for your video in its url or embed code.


Double-click the caption to enter a key or change the caption.

Say **YOUTUBE** and a Key from YouTube.

Say **YOUTUBE PLAYLIST** and a Key from YouTube Playlist.

Say **VIMEO** and a Key from Vimeo.

Say **ARCHIVE** and a Key from Internet Archive.

Say **TED** and a Key from a TED Talk.

Say **HTML5** and Keys for an HTML5 Talk

Say other things for the caption.

# Obsolete Commands

Since this plugin added them, the video sources for TEDx and Channel 9 no longer exist. Many of the videos can be found elsewhere.

See Updating CHANNEL9 items and Updating TEDX items for help finding, and updating, pages with video items those video sources.