About Frame Source

The frame plugin allows authors to create HTML and javascript programs that offer data to other plugins.

In this example, two frames declare themselves a SOURCE for radar data. Open the radar chart and hover over rows in either table.

These data are randomly generated. Reload either frame to see a different radar chart.

PLUGIN frame/radar-source.html SOURCE radar

PLUGIN frame/radar-source.html SOURCE radar

Notice how the frame markup declares SOURCE radar.

PLUGIN frame/radar-source.html SOURCE radar

The source code used by this example is displayed in another frame below. We draw your attention to two invocations of postMessage().

publishSourceData tells the frame plugin to participate in the conventional discovery for other wiki plugins.

triggerThumb tells the frame plugin to notify other plugins of the reader's indicated interest in scrubbing through the provided data.

PLUGIN frame/radar-source.js HEIGHT 700