2021-03-21 Vector Drawing

One item of today's discussion was about various tools for vector drawing. Here is a hack sorta collaborating in wiki using diagrams.net

Screenshot of Sketch.drawio in diagrams.net. Try it

We have visited diagrams.net and started a drawing. We saved that drawing with a download to our laptop. Then we uploaded a copy to the assets folder below.

Because the uploaded copy here is published on the internet, we can ask diagrams.net to open a copy for others to open their own copy of the drawing. Sketch.drawio

This trick is enabled by a feature of diagrams.net. We can specify a source document in a url.

https://app.diagrams.net/#Uhttp://eric.dojo.fed.wiki/assets/pages/2021-02-21-vector-drawing/Sketch.drawio Sketch.drawio

As the owner of this wiki site, Eric can replace the copy here in the assets folder with updates the drawing.

Other authors with their own wikis could fork this page and then upload their own changes to the diagram. They would also want to create a link to diagrams.net which pointed to their own asset.