2021-03-07 Search Federation

Marc shared a lineup with graphs he's using with a colleague. lineup

See this lineup of assessing team health in comparison to the theory of graceful extensibility. lineup

The use Marc described for comparing assessments of a business to drive conversations within that business reminded us of some earlier work collected in wiki.

Ward led Pete D. through the search features.

Here we have saved a reference directly to the Watch Everything page

screenshot of the report of recent federation searchs

Click the ยป icons at the right end of each line, and then click This Month's Changes to see the recent changes on those sites.


Range of questions About Chess Plugin

A recently updated javascript library jhlywa/chess.js








Ward walked Marc through some details about the federation directory to share some existing conventions that help people find the directories for keyword search.

Here we maintain a Roster of federation directories. Directories will have a well groomed sitemap optimized for finding sites by keyword search.

ROSTER sites.fed.wiki/federation-directory