2020-11-22 WikiData

Pete Forsyth introduces us to News on Wiki & where WikiData fits.

Lane Rasberry—contributor to News on Wiki.

Sherry Antoine—contributor to News on Wiki.

Work is being coordinated within a namespace in Wikipedia.

Some important foundational work contributed by Mike Caufield.

Students interested in data science are increasingly interacting with Wikipedia and WikiData.

Applying machine learning to tag a large corpus: pubmed, wikipedia, open street map.

Integrate your data with wikidata and wikipedia, you reach the largest possible audience.

Leveraging existing network effects. Wikipedia community have practice substantiating sources and references.

Ward shift gears to Thompson's work with middle school and high school educators.

COVID-19 has created a crisis in education.

Bohm Dialogs and Federated Wiki dojos.

Bring creativity into the educational process. Less about knowing facts and more about knowing thinking processes that work.

One group said we're interested in that creativity business but first we have to heal.

Marc interviewed Thompson about Thompson's own origin story. Meanders from China, through policing, and a hard neighborhood in Portland, and reveals how worries of gentrification triggered his pivot into education. vimeo

Marc interviews Thompson again about his newer work and how fast and far reaching the changes are: vimeo

Scar tissue. Is a good metaphor. It is inelastic. It doesn't bend or stretch. Connects to senility. Organizations may need to have a lifespan. Would be better if they were replaced by smaller and younger.

Article Marc mentioned. Dostoyevsky, another author, and Ayn Rand article