2020-10-25 Folk School

Sunday dojo conversations are really fulfilling. Learning and sharing and doing.

Opensource experience helped me decide when to write in my public wikis and when to write in my private work wiki. When I was abruptly dismissed from the job, the things I cared most about preserving were already in a public place.

Spreadsheets present a table to the programmer. Hidden under the hood there is a graph holding and empowering the calculations.

El Dorado also combines graphs and tables. It uses a graph query language to produce a table as a subset of the graph and then display that tabular subset in a graphviz diagram.

Ward's work with Nike collaborated to replicate extremely complex spreadsheets into equivalent computations in the just-good-enough first editions of federated wiki.

We need a way to make shared decisions about the things within our reach. It helps to be able to see a graph that helps distinguish what we have influence to choose and what choices must be shared with a larger group of humans.

Below are some of the System 1 items at three recursions: Individual, Family, and Neighborhood. We will expand the System 1 components and then do VSM diagnostics at each level of recursion.