Our forth practice together.

Robert Best described the experience of having the sitemap.json fail to update. Paul Rodwell explained that pages created directly on the server to not trigger the indexer to update the sitemap.json. If you have FTP or SSH access to the wiki server, it is safe to delete sitemap.json and sitemap.xml. The server will recreate them if they do not exist.

Specific examples of these files can be found with a browser here: /system/sitemap.json and /sitemap.xml

Both of them live on disk here:

.wiki/eric.dojo.fed.wiki/status/sitemap.json .wiki/eric.dojo.fed.wiki/status/sitemap.xml


Robert Best noticed that his other wiki did not have the Present Plugin installed.

Ward talked Robert Best through using plugmatic, and we ran into the challenge of Robert not having the admin access over plugin installation.

See More about Plugmatic Plugin for more specific info about what we mean by "admin".


After last week's practice, Pete Forsythe and Ward worked through some editing of Forsyth Criteria. Pete suggested we review some of those changes.

Eric walked Peter Dimitrios through some investigation of the editing of the page. The combination of side-by-side viewing of twins and the shift-hover gesture is a power tool for investigating how pages change.

Paul Rodwell also showed us the search link at the bottom of all wiki pages as another way to discover where items from a page may have moved around the federation.


Slightly edited from the google hangout's chat:

12:11 PM Robert Best

is this peer activity thing not a default on a new farm? I don't see it on wiki.openlearning.cc as an option

12:48 PM Unknown Sender

Forsyth Criteria: wiki

12:49 PM Unknown Sender

think you still have commons.world blocked

12:52 PM Robert Best

ive noticed some fedwiki sites do that yellow highlighting thing, and ligning things up, without having to hold shift... Is that just a glitch? or an optional feature?