Our third dojo practice together.

Pete took notes about how I guided Ward through a grep plugin and then converting an algorithmic graphviz item into a static graphviz item.

The goal was to create a Graphviz representation of a wiki lineup, which could be moved around without the contents changing. (Because by default, it's self-referential.)

If version 0.6.0 or later of graphviz plugin is installed, the following link offers similar directions to Pete's notes.

Here we describe an example workflow to convert an algorithmic diagram into a static diagram.

Paul also showed us the narrative chart.

In the dojo after hours conversation...

Pete asked Ward about federation pages on Forsythe Criteria.

Some time ago, Ward invited a group of people to discuss Forsythe Criteria.

We are a community that will explore, expand and document support for individual agency in federated wiki collaborations. See Forsyth Criteria

Pete's attention was also captured by a roster Ward showed which had many sections in it. Still more interesting is that the markup for the roster is only two lines of instruction.