Our second dojo practice together.

Pete was having trouble forking a page. It turned out his ad blockers were interfering with our cross-site requests. The resulting symptoms do not indicate anything about the ad-blockers.

There is also some side-effect in the way these ad blockers interact with wiki client's mechanisms to remember (via browser local storage) whether to use http or https to contact other wiki sites.

It wasn't enough to correct the ad blockers. We also had to get wiki client to reset it's memory for the particular site. Paul showed a workflow to do so.

- [ ] Write Paul's workflow more clearly - use roster to add the site to neighborhood.... - observe the grey or canted flags in neighborhood... - click 'em to refresh the cache for that site...

Marc showed us that we can use HTML in the roster. He was using it to create bullet lists. We showed the HTML plugin as an alternative.

- [ ] Experiment with roster... - can I embed javascript? - can I embed svg? - can I embed svg with javascript?